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Sport BS is a company that builds paddle tennis courts and sports centers. We are dedicated to installing artificial grass and the construction of sports flooring on any type of terrain or surface.

In modern sport, in addition to the physical condition of the player, it is essential to manage an optimal playing field, which facilitates the learning and development of this physical activity with the highest performance. The movement and changes of direction make paddle tennis a sport of cyclical movements and high impact, which requires the construction of state-of-the-art paddle tennis courts.

Specialists in paddle tennis courts

We are a company that combines comfort, efficiency, and sustainability, presenting projects according to your needs. We manufacture with the latest technology, making high-performance installations with top quality finishes, guaranteeing the installation of paddle tennis courts and the appropriate maintenance for the durability of your paddle tennis courts and other sports facilities, and managing your sports complexes with the best technological tools.


Designed for the enjoyment of users

One of the main specialties of our construction company is the manufacture of paddle tennis courts.

Today, clients are betting on the synergy between the buildings and the environment to achieve a balance that guarantees the optimization of the usefulness of the spaces designed for health care and for a healthy lifestyle that maximizes physical and psychological development, through sporting activity, without undermining the vast possibilities for the development of other recreational, educational and therapeutic activities.

In this sense, we offer you the broad experience of our construction company in paddle tennis courts and sports constructions for any discipline, as well as maintenance. Counting on the best suppliers and selecting the best construction inputs in paddle or tennis courts to provide the most excellent customer satisfaction with the best price

We take care of each paddle tennis court model’s details in our company,from selecting the screws to the right grass choice. In this way, our paddle tennis court is aesthetically enhanced while achieving the maximum relationship between durability, quality, and result.

Our manufacture of paddle tennis courts allows us to ensure a product of the highest quality that is part of many sports facilities. You can rely on us for your paddle tennis courts up to large paddle or tennis clubs’ ambitious projects. We are your solution for cheap and reliable paddle tennis courts.


Satisfaction guaranteed

Likewise, our company works with professionalism, mysticism, and excellence in realizing the sports facilities. Both in closed spaces (indoor) and in open spaces (outdoor), which are perfectly adapted to the particularities of their sports complexes, educational centers, common areas of the community, town planning, and any other space, taking complete care of every detail, with excellent finishes, glass walls, and grass that best suit them, respecting international technical specifications.

From individual paddle tennis courts to paddle tennis court projects, among other more sophisticated courts. We also project the infrastructure for the comfort of those who attend to enjoy as spectators of the sports fairs. We design the appropriate access points for a regular operation and an organized flow, emergency exits, and service areas, such as dressing rooms, cafeterias, and others. Whether it is your practice court or an exhibition and high competition complex, our installation team will execute the works adapting them to the characteristics of the audience so that your spaces reduce the impact of the use and traffic of the users, guaranteeing a very high aesthetic quality and perfect architectural combination with the environment.

Maintenance Company

We preserve the life of your courts.

We offer excellent maintenance of paddle tennis courts, maintenance of artificial turf and improvements to its various sports areas, carrying out partial or total renovation work on the flooring and or the grass, replacing natural grass with artificial grass, converting and adapting tennis courts, paddle tennis or any other sports court.

In order to maximize the life of our products, we offer this maintenance service for paddle, tennis, football, and multisport courts, with the ideal solutions for each type of flooring, carrying out appropriate pruning, with active periodic fertilization that takes care of the health of your green areas and repairing those areas of the lawn that are damaged or require renovation as a result of daily traffic.

Likewise, we preserve the duration of your artificial grass, as we have tools, machinery, and the best human team. All these actions of preventive and corrective maintenance, as well as the necessary updates, are planned and executed proactively, developing the schedules of preventive work for the conservation of your grass and facilities with the least impact on the sports activities.


Technical support in the management of sports facilities

In this global era, technological solutions allow you to bring your company within reach of your client with just one click. Technology and digital marketing 2.0 will enable you to effectively exhibit your paddle tennis facilities in a global community, promote this great sport’s practice on a massive scale, and get the most out of your administrative processes.

Our specialized team offers business advice, digital innovation, and technical support to manage sports facilities. Our technological solution interacts with its users 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, without any kind of interruption, allowing all interested parties to view the facilities, advertising of events, tournaments of public interest, as well as an active window for their marketing offers, court reservations, promotions and discounts.

Finally, our sports field management system is your fast, easy to access, VIP communication channel with your users from any mobile device, respecting the users’ privacy.

Likewise, the management of paddle tennis courts through the automated system is structured in a global community. This allows everything from the publication of schedules to the creation of online games.

We are talking about a system that adapts to the corporate image of your sports club. With permanent attention during the whole year, it turns your club into a great interactive community.

The constant search for quality improvement has led us to offer our customers different models of courts designed and executed with the highest standards of efficiency in the manufacture, installation, and maintenance of natural grass as part of our sports solutions, with the most varied range of raw materials.

We manufacture quality paddle tennis courts according to the needs of each client, without skimping on the use of the best technologies and materials, with strict adherence to sporting requirements, as well as constant innovation in the improvement of our processes, guarantee more excellent durability and better performance of the grass during paddle tennis.

Whether the site has existing facilities or a new facility is proposed for development, the scheme is an efficient, economical to build, and low maintenance design,considering current needs and anticipating future demands.

When playing paddle tennis, customers value the court’s level very much; therefore, the spaces’ quality is of vital importance to our customers. Our philosophy is to offer customers the best options on the market, not only in terms of the quality of the products we provide, but also in the comprehensive management of their paddle tennis courts and other sports facilities.
When you present us with your paddle tennis court project, we make your vision our own. From that moment on, we make an effort to design, plan and execute your project, with an in-depth study of your sports facility’s characteristics, to advise you on the most intelligent decision making.

An essential element when calculating a service’s price is the quality of the product, and the relevance to the activity being carried out. For this reason, we have different models of paddle tennis courts depending on the type of structure required. This allows us to quote the lowest prices for you without sacrificing minimum quality standards.

The fact that we are manufacturers with a wide variety of suppliers of raw materials allows us to guarantee the best quality/price ratio. This allows us to improve any offer you may have previously.

Come to us and ask for a free quote. Every time a client installs one of our sports courts, besides the low price, the best quality, and efficiency, he obtains as an added value theusers’ satisfaction and the durability in the time of one of his sports complex.


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