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Do you need advice on the maintenance of artificial grass? Don’t miss the advice that Sport BS has for you in this article. Watering, fertilizing, or painting lines are some of the tasks that must be carried out for the care and maintenance of the natural grass of football fields. The advantages of installing artificial turf on sports grounds, as opposed to natural turf, are extensive. Due to the lower maintenance costs of artificial turf, it is now decided to lay artificial turf in sports buildings and paddle tennis courts. One of the most notable advantages of artificial grass, also known as synthetic grass, is its easy maintenance. It does not require much effort to be in optimal condition. It is always advisable to have artificial turf maintained by professionals in the sports facility maintenance sector.

Artificial turf care

In principle, it is essential to know that, if the courts are adequately maintained with artificial grass, they will last approximately 15 years. As they are in good condition, it will not be necessary to interrupt the matches played there. To ensure that they are in that condition, it is recommended that every 2 years, the experts in paddle tennis court maintenance, visit the court to carry out a proper inspection. When the artificial grass court, is installed, it is filled with sand and rubber. After some time (2 to 3 months), it will be necessary to put some rubber back in. In this case, you will need the help of experts in the field. At Sport BS, you have an artificial grass paddle tennis court maintenance service.

Cleaning of artificial grass for paddle tennis courts

Cleaning artificial grass The cleaning process for these types of courts is critical if the artificial turf’s color and shape are maintained. If the time of year causes the leaves to fall on this ground, you should collect them using a rake. By doing this, you will ensure that the court is not damaged. Likewise, you do not tear out the grass and keep it away from organic materials. The best way to brush it with a rake is to moisten it first so that the leaves adhere to it and you don’t make as much effort. On the other hand, it is possible that artificial grass may become dusty. In this case, it will only need to be watered. This will be the same way to clean it if, it becomes dirty with animal excrement in one way or another. If you want to clean the artificial grass track when organic waste has fallen on it, and the above has not worked, you can dissolve white vinegar in water. This will help not only to clean it but also to rinse it. If some small insects (which are common) such as spiders and ants fall on the field floor, you will have to brush them properly to remove them.

Tips for maintaining artificial grass

One of the main rules you should impose regarding your synthetic turf pitch entrance is not to allow it to be entered with drinks and food. However, sometimes, you may have been allowed to enter the field with these products due to other uses. If a drink falls on the ground, it will be necessary to rub it with a little water and soap to rinse it off. If what falls on the rink is gum or chewing gum, what is recommended is to apply ice or water under pressure. However, the latter option includes the possibility of sand being removed, so it is best to discard it. If there is a stain or substance that is very difficult to remove, you will have to apply other products such as extra-strong chemicals. This is not entirely advisable, so we suggest that you contact experts in the field for guidance. The Sport BS professionals will answer all your questions and help you choose the best material to clean and care for your artificial grass.

Maintenance of artificial or synthetic turf

Even though it is not necessary to water the field every day, it is vital to do a little cleaning with water to prevent stains, if any, from solidifying. It is also crucial to water the turf during the hot months so that the high temperatures do not erode the artificial turf to keep it moist.It is recommended not to clean it with water not to wear out the artificial grass in cold weather. We recommend that you brush your artificial grass at least once a month. The most effective way to do this is against the grain. This will raise the fibers in which some previously deposited substances can be hidden. If this doesn’t help with the care of the artificial grass, and on the contrary, you notice that it drops from the level it was in, you should fill it in with silica sand, evenly. You can use a sanitizer from time to time to prevent a large number of insects from building up on the surface. If you need help with this or any other aspect of your artificial grass’s care and maintenancecontact Sport BS. We will help you find the best solution if the maintenance to be carried out is related to particular elements of this type of flooring and sports turf. Our work is widely recognized in the town of Extremadura, in Cáceres, with facilities and maintenance of various tracks in that area. We also manufacture the floor that your sports court needs with high-quality materials and adapted to the surface you have. In Sport Bs, we are a reliable company, specialized in the manufacture, installation and maintenance of sport courts and especially paddle courts.

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In previous articles, we explained the advantages of installing synthetic grass over natural grassOnce you have learned the advantages and differences between synthetic grass and natural grass, at Sport BS, we want to give you some advice so that your grass always looks like the first day.

Many people think that when they buy synthetic turf, they, just install it and don’t have to worry about anything else, but this is not the case. Although it does not require the same care as natural grass, it is essential that you take care of it. This type of grass is, used in many places, such as private gardens, municipal sports grounds, courts, and even decorations at events or shops.

To maintain artificial grass in the best possible condition over time, it is necessary to sweep regularly, collect waste and leaves that fall on the grass’s surface. It is also vital to eventually change the sand to keep it beautiful and presentable.

However, when synthetic grass is used on sports grounds, this maintenance must be carried out more regularly to keep it optimal for sports. We recommend that the maintenance of synthetic turf is carried out by professionals in the area in these cases. At Sport BS, we are professionals in the maintenance of sports fields.

Professionals in synthetic turf maintenance do a more thorough job, such as decompacting the infill, treating the top layer, and making repairs if necessary. When experts carry out this type of maintenance, and frequently, a sports field with this type of grass can last approximately fifteen (15) years.

Tricks to improve the maintenance of artificial grass

There are several tricks to achieving proper maintenance of artificial turf.

Carrying out a good cleaning

If you want your lawn to be in good condition at all times, it’s vital that you brush it weekly and put water on it to prevent dust. If the lawn isn’t brushed, the fibers won’t get up and will be damaged in the medium term.

As we said in previous lines, it is crucial that you clean the residues that may remain on the surface of the lawn, such as leaves, flowers, soil, among others, not only to make it look good but also to prevent any of these materials from damaging our lawn.

Remember that, you will manage to lift the fiber to a vertical position with an excellent regular brushing, avoiding it to be crushed and deteriorated. When brushing it, you will eliminate the residues on it and eliminate the dirt.

Spend time brushing the lawn

This is a crucial point consider when you have artificial grass because some clients want to brush after the only remedy for their grass is to replace it with a new one.

You must know that this is the only way to preserve this investment in time, so it is advisable to brush it weekly; of course, everything will depend on its use.

Watering the lawn

Many will wonder why artificial grass should be watered if it is not going to grow. But in this case, you should water the grass because it’s the best way to clean it up, as pollen often collects between the fibers giving the grass a dull, dirty look. You should take into account that this step is recommended when temperatures are high; on the contrary, when they are below zero, you should not water them because it can contribute to the latex base wearing out over the years.

Use of Fungicides

This is a delicate point in many cases; we will explain why. Even if the lawn installation has been done properly, if it was done on a natural surface, there is a good chance that grasses or fungi can appear because of the excess humidity in this area.

To avoid this, it is advisable to spray with mild herbicides or fungicides or diluted in water; however, this step should be done under supervision or after consulting with the installer.

When these products are used, you can lose the guarantee of your lawn and, also; inadequate use of these products could damage your artificial lawn fiber. This should be done with great caution and under the strict recommendation and supervision of experts.

The life span of an artificial turf

When the instructions given by the installer of your artificial grass are followed to the letter, the grass’s life can be approximately 10 to 15 years. However, if you do not maintain your artificial turf correctly, this will require you to skip any of the minimum maintenance tips that we provide for artificial turf, and this time can be shortened. Likewise, the duration will depend on the quality of the fiber and base that uses the polyurethane or latex with the product you purchase.

At Sport BS, we advise you on how to maintain and install the artifical grass in the area you most desire, customizing the installation and maintenance of your grass.


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