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Thanks to our company’s wide experience in the installation and construction of sports flooring (epoxy resin, vinyl, artificial grass, parquet, wood, cement…) In Sport Bs, we can offer you budgets for your sports constructions at very economical prices.

Our company works with a wide variety of types of sports flooring (epoxy resin, vinyl, artificial grass, parquet, wood, cement…)

In addition to the manufacture and construction of flooring, we also carry out and advise on professional maintenance of sports flooring.

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Sports flooring: types and ways to maintain them

Making the right selection of sports flooring is essential for practicing sport in an ideal way. There must be a good sports floor in sports facilities, designed exclusively for each type of situation.
Sports flooring is used in various spaces, from halls and gyms to nurseries and other areas.

Many types of sports flooring are available on the market. They are even differentiated, in turn, by those that are laid outdoors or indoors. Their location and installation depend on the use that will be given to them or the sport that will be carried out in them. It is not the same material used in the constructing an artificial grass paddle tennis court to install a football field..

Aspects to be taken into account when installing one type or another of flooring:

• It should be noted whether it is necessary for these to have a continuous, seamless
• It is required that they allow an easy maintenance and cleaning.
• They must meet the needs and conditions of the sport to be performed.
• Many sports have regulations that condition the type of flooring that can be used. This has to define their grip characteristics, types of materials, among other characteristics

Types of sports flooring

We offer different sports flooring types(epoxy resin, wood, parquet, cement, artificial grass…), but one of the most needed and sold are natural grass installations and installation of artificial grass, cement, soil, carpet, parquet or wood, artificial foam rubber.

Once these elements have been taken into account, our company can proceed with the installation of the corresponding sports flooring.

  • Vinyl sports flooring

Types of sports flooring

If the planned activities do not require much effort when cleaning, this is the ideal type of floor to use.
It is suitable for indoor areas, and its maintenance is straightforward to carry out. It can be placed for gyms, training areas, game rooms, among others.
They are not usually seen as technical floors, so they are only used for maintenance and comfort.

  • Resin sports floors

Installation of sports flooring, paddle tennis court, football, tennis ...The resin sports floor characteristics are quite similar to those of the previous ones (vinyl); however, the difference is that this type of sports floor does not have joints. This makes it very easy to clean and maintain.
On the other hand, they are often used in indoor sports facilities (basketball courts, indoor football, handball…). If they are subject to technical regulations in the field of sport, their requirements and conditions must be considered.
In addition to being easy to clean, this type of sports flooring is characterized by its good grip on rubber-soled sports shoes.

  • Parquet sports flooring

It is one of the most widely used indoor sports flooring over the years. This is because, among its advantages, there is the possibility that its surface protection layer, which is a varnish, has a good grip.
Its maintenance and cleaning are very simple. That’s why it’s one of the most installed, even though it’s a little more expensive than other types of floors.
When the existence of synthetic floors became known, the technology had to evolve to make parquet floors meet the requirements of sports facilities.
As a result, these sports flooring types can be used in different venues without any problems, in different models.
Parquet floorings are recommended for sports such as basketball and activities where it is essential that the heat does not cool the body, as in the case of yoga.

  • Synthetic sports floors

These sports floors are usually made of rubber and polyurethane, which makes them flexible. This is a great advantage in case of an accident.
If there is a problem and needs to be replaced, this can be done immediately and economically.
It should be noted that they are very resistant, despite their thickness ranging from 6mm to 15mm. This type of sports floorings can be installed in sports fields, athletics tracks, skating rinks, fitness centers, among other spaces.

  • Artificial turf sports flooring

One of the most widely used outdoor sports flooring is artificial grass. The type of flooring’s function is to imitate the texture, where possible, and qualities of natural grass.
They can be placed in different spaces, depending on the sport that will be practiced there, whether paddle, tennis, football, hockey,or rugby.

Sports floor maintenance

Sports floors are generally very easy to maintain and clean. The important thing is to know how to choose the right floor for each sport.

Artificial grass flooring for paddle tennis courts, concrete synthetic grass ...

By choosing the right floor, its durability and maintenance will be very easy, which is a quality for the sportsmen, and women who use it.

Each type of sports floor requires particular maintenance, as they are created with different materials.
For example, the rubber floor needs to be cleaned every few years at various intensities. Likewise, its brushing is superficial.

In the case of wooden or parquet sports floors, they should be enhanced from time to time with special varnishes.

It is also recommended to clean daily with a mop or hoover, pay attention to joints and corners, and avoid waxes and silicones.

Resin floors, on the other hand, must be left to dry completely before use.
They should be cleaned from time to time by sweeping, vacuuming, medium pressure water jet, or vacuum water cleaners. Appropriate detergents or waxes should also be used to avoid the appearance of abrasive dust on the surface.

In general, for all sports floors, attention needs to be paid to specific rules such as not introducing food onto the courts or not allowing the wearing of inappropriate shoes. Also, do not use inappropriate cleaning products.

At Sport BS, we offer installation and maintenance services for sports courts in Cáceres. We help you with the assembly and cleaning of sports tracks. Do not hesitate to ask our experts any questions. Sport Bs is in Cáceres, installing and maintaining various courts in the area, with the country’s best quality materials.


There are many sports court maintenance types depending on the court’s floor and location, i.e., indoor or outdoor paddle tennis court, whether it is covered or exposed to UVB rays.

Resin, vinyl, synthetic, cement, parquet, or carpet flooring can never be treated in the same way. For each type of product, there is a product designed to preserve it and prolong its life. For example, if we refer to natural grass, it receives treatment for the roots and the soil decompaction so that the grass does not die due to lack of oxygen; on the other hand, artificial grass must be washed to avoid the formation of fungus and make the track slippery.

The cement floor uses special paint, and care is taken to ensure that the joints remain sealed; therefore, unique soaps and specialized machinery are used when washing the tracks to lift the paint.

On the other hand, we have resin, vinyl, and synthetic floors. however their maintenance is low, cleaning is mandatory, accidents do happen, a child can lose sight of his ice cream and fall entirely on these floors, inadequate footwear and falling objects can damage the surface, as well as dirt or sand. Daily sweeping prolongs the life of this type of flooring.

The parquet floor usually has a different treatment; wood needs to be waxed and polished, provide programmed anti-fungus baths and replace damaged areas. It is always installed in indoor sports courts; they are an indoor flooring type, the same as resin, vinyl, and synthetic flooring.

The best sports flooring for your court

It is very important that you select the best type of sports flooring for your sports court. As you will see, a football field does not have the same technical specifications as a tennis court. The key lies in the quality of the materials used and the correct sealing of the joints.

The durability and the preventive maintenance of the courts make the materials last in time, knowing how to choose materials for inside and outside so that the manufacture of sports courts can have the functionality and be the object of the desired transit by the sponsors and their frequent users, everything is a question of perspective and use of resources.

The types of flooring offered by Sport BS are Parquet or wood, resin, cement, earth or carpet, artificial or natural grass. If you wish to build sports floors, we have the specialized technical staff, we make previous studies of the location and from there, measurements, angles, and leveling with the appropriate machinery so that the track does not suffer from unevenness, depression, over jumps or sinking of the ground.

We leave our customers the choice of installing natural grass, or failing that, installing artificial grass if it seems more feasible, given its maintenance and the advantages it offers. In our Blog Sport BS, you will find articles related to the advantages of artificial grass and other materials used in the paddle tennis courts construction.

Types of flooring offered by Sport BS



At SportBS, we create the most effective facilities for all those who want quality sports flooring and safety controls for athletes.

If you have a fitness center or a sports center, installing gymnastic machines or adapting sports tracks, at SportBS, we help you choose the type of floor for your sports flooring. These sports floors are specifically designed to construct sports facilities, such as halls, gyms, and even nurseries.

We know that sports flooring has to be adapted to each particularity of each type of sport. Texture, components, needs, weather change must incorporate specific specifications to make the conditions of the sport perfect and avoid injuries and greater enjoyment for players.

Some of these particularities in the sports flooring that we offer at SportBS are acoustic insulation, electrical and fire resistance, can be non-slip and abrasion resistance. Even controlled rebound or shock absorption as well.

In order to give the best service, at SportBS, we have the newest products that make the sports floors unique. Thanks to our professionals with several years of experience in the sector, we install them as quickly as possible.

If you already have a sports court and are looking for maintenance for your paddle, tennis, or football court, SportBS also offers this service. With good maintenance of paddle, dindoor football, and tennis courts, you will lengthen the courts’ lives and offer a more productive and intense time for the players.

At SportBS, we offer you the paving of paddle tennis, football, and tennis courts… for your company in Extremadura, and if you need any clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us on 687 81 83 00 or on our contact form (or use the one below). In the long run, you will save money and time with us.

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