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360° Comprehensive Service for Padel Courts Worldwide

At SportBS, we pride ourselves on being leaders in the installation and maintenance of padel courts worldwide. With our experience and commitment, we have developed a comprehensive 360° service that covers all the necessary aspects to offer the best solutions in the world of padel. Our services include:

fabricantes de pistas de pádel

Professional advice

Padel court

Civil Engineering

Management software


Sports shop


Padel courts

At SportBS, we design, manufacture and install the best padel courts in the world. Our excellent Spanish construction materials, experience of more than 15 years and our qualified work team guarantee first-class quality on our slopes.

We are Factory, which allows us to have flexibility in the design and manufacture of our courts, adapting to any need of our customers.

We work with the best suppliers and partners in the world of padel. The best must work with the best.


Our more than 15 years of experience in the padel industry give us the possibility of offering top-level professional advice.

We accompany, guide and work together with our clients, the

planning, design and execution of the project.

We have professional specialists for each stage of the project, which guarantees us detailed and excellent work.



We have as a partner the best padel academy in the world, M3. Together with them, we offer training for coaches, sports clinics with the best coaches in Spain and certifications that can lead your club and staff to another level. If you want to attract and retain more people, this possibility is ideal.

Management software

We work together with the best and largest software in the world in sports facility management. PLAYTOMIC is an App where players can organize matches and tournaments for each level, have a ranking, chat, upload results and much more. In addition, he manages the finances and organizes the club’s calendar.


Every detail makes the difference. That is why, at SportBS we offer accessories that can add a lot of value to your padel courts and sports facilities. With this, you can generate a powerful brand, improve the experience of players and spectators, and give your Club a more professional appearance. As we are a factory, we have no limit in the creation and adaptation of accessories. Some examples are:

  • Benches and ticket offices for players
  • Decorative grass and with your logos
  • Club Customization of corners, mesh and glass Advertising supports

Sports shop

Turn your club into a point of reference in the sale of top quality padel items, for all styles and levels.

Thanks to our alliances with the most important padel stores in the world, we offer the possibility of having a point of sale for padel items in your club.

In this way, you will be able to increase the time people stay in your club, generate a more complete experience and, in addition, you will be developing paddle tennis culture in your Club.

Civil Engineering

The advice and work of our engineers is key to good planning, design and execution of projects.


At SPORTBS we make sure that the work is well calculated considering the variables of the environment and the needs of the client. It is important to do a professional job to ensure that the projects last over time.


We offer 3D designs throughout the process to be able to visualize the project.


Can you imagine controlling your padel club from your user interface with a single click?


We are partners of benchmarks in the application of home automation systems in sports clubs. With this App, you can stand out from other clubs and deliver the best possible user experience, in a simple, comfortable and innovative way, optimizing your club’s time and resources.


SMART PADEL offers home automation with which you can automate your business efficiently. You can apply advanced functionalities such as control of different accesses, lights, heating, and much more. All from our mobile and desktop app.


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At SportBS, we strive to offer a comprehensive 360° service that covers all the needs of our clients in the field of padel tennis. Our attention to detail, commitment to quality and passion for this sport make us the ideal choice for any project related to padel tennis worldwide. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to request a quote. We are here to help you make your sports project a reality.