Do you have any questions about replacing the glass of your paddle tennis court?Should I change the glass of a paddle tennis court? When is it necessary? For answers to these questions Sport BS offers advice and recommendations on how to change the paddle tennis court’s glass and how to maintain the glass of the paddle tennis court to, avoid breakage.

For those who do not know the construction elements of a sports court, it is usual to, think that some of its characteristics, may become worn out in time.

In the case of the paddle tennis courts, this becomes more noticeable because the walls are mostly made of glass.
As the glass walls of the paddle tennis courts are the most commonly used in the sport, the inexperienced paddle tennis players wonder if they will ever break.

Although the paddle tennis courts’ glass walls,  are designed so that the risks of breakage or wear are minimal, there is a possibility that they may be damaged or deteriorated in such a way that the paddle tennis court glass has to be replaced.

When should the glass of the paddle tennis court be changed?

To ensure that the paddle tennis courts’ glass is maintained as well as possible, as the years go by, it is necessary to carry out excellent maintenance.

Padel court glass assembly

The correct maintenance of the paddle tennis courts’ glass, is essential to guarantee the safety and an optimal surface for the players. Similarly, it is necessary to extend the life of the courts and reduce replacement costs. If you ignore this, you will start to have problems with the paddle courts’ glass, which will lead to an immediate change of the glass.

1-When the glass is cracked

If the glass is not regularly checked for cracks or the anchorage is not checked, it may break at the most unexpected moment, and new glass may have to be be installed for the paddle tennis court. In this case, it is best to prevent matches from being played on the paddle tennis court until the respective change is made. If this is not done, there is a risk of an accident in which the players collide with the paddle tennis court’s glass, and these break completely, affecting the players themselves.

This is likely to cause delays in playing time, as these glasses are designed not to break into jagged fragments but instead into granules.

This eliminates the danger of sharp, pointed forms that are much more dangerous. For this reason, you should know that the thickness of the glass chosen, which can be 10mm or 12mm, is not affected in any way. What is important is that it is tempered glass.

2-When there is a lack of visibility and opacity in the glass

There is also the possibility of having to change the glass of the paddle tennis court due to the lack of visibility of the matches or that stains, have been generated on the glass of the paddle tennis court, which is very difficult to remove, making it necessary to replace the glass of the paddle tennis cour court or, on the contrary, to carry out a thorough cleaning of the glass of the paddle tennis court.

When a game is played on the court above, it is important that the spectators can appropriately observe it. In this case, this may be due to fogging or a difference in temperature in the environment. Customers may request a change if they notice that the games are not appreciated as they should be.

3- When the windows of the paddle tennis court break

change of broken glass of padel court

Another reason for replacing the glass of the paddle tennis court, is the breakage of the glass. Care should be taken to prevent the metal structure from coming into contact with the glass.

In short:

The change of the glass of the paddle tennis courts can occur due to different factors. However, before the corresponding replacement, it is necessary to have the paddle court glass installed adequately by “professional paddle court installers”. If the right materials are not chosen, as explained in our article, “broken paddle court glass”, because the glass’s replacement will be necessary at the most inconvenient time.

What should be done if a change in the glass of the paddle tennis court is needed

If you consider that changing your paddle tennis court’s glass is really undisputed, the first thing you should do is consult a professional in its installation and maintenance. He will be the one to tell you if that is the right solution or, on the contrary, there is another way to fix the problem.

Our company is known for carrying out any type of installation maintenance and replacement of paddle tennis court glass. In Sport Bs, we use the best materials, both for the installation and for your courts’ manufacture.
Depending on the exact area in which you need to place your court, we will advise you about the elements to be taken into account at the installation time.

Remember that any breakage in the paddle tennis court glass will later become a significant problem for both players and spectators. For this reason, you should immediately call in the professionals who can help you in the process of reassembling the paddle tennis court.

At Sport BS we offer you, in turn, the appropriate transfer of these pieces to the place where they are required. We are based on international technical specifications regarding the glass’s dimensions and thickness, changing according to the type of track and its location.

Our staff is available to consult you about any other adjustments or repairs needed to your paddle tennis court or other sport.

You can make your specifications through our website or by calling us on our telephone number: 655 69 02 39. Don’t hesitate to contact us! Sport Bs will always be available for you.

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