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Is there a possibility that the glass of the paddle tennis courts ill break, despite their durability? Find out the answer in this Sport BS article.

Broken glass on the paddle tennis court – What to do if it happens?

Paddle tennis has been one of the most significant sports for many years and is still practiced today. That is why each and every one of the elements used to create a paddle tennis court must have some very important characteristics that make them last over time, either because of the number of years in use or because of some lousy treatment; paddle tennis courts can deteriorate.

Paddle tennis courts must have some walls made of a material that, can seem very fragile for those who are not familiar with this sport.

The important thing is to build the paddle court walls with transparent and opaque materials; this is why glass or plastic is used, preferably, offering good consistency and ball bounce during matches, and excellent visibility.

These materials are chosen depending on which is the most suitable in one or another space. Of all of them, glass is usually seen as the weakest or easiest to break.

Can the glass of the paddle tennis courts be broken?

When entering a paddle tennis court, the first thing that comes to mind is: “but those glasses break easily” the answer to that concern would have to be, no, since for a
Reason, they are manufactured and placed there. However, the reality is that they can suffer some deterioration for various reasons.

Regardless of which material is chosen for the walls of the paddle tennis court, and the thickness of this material, if you decide to install a glass wall in the paddle tennis court, this is one of the best options. If  the glass wall thickness is between 10 and 12 millimeters, this will not be relevant when some breakage occurs in the paddle tennis court wall.

Reasons why the glass walls of a paddle tennis court can be broken

  1. Spontaneous breakage due to a thermal jump.
  2. The detachment of a crystal when they collide with each other.
  3. Impact of a player in a very strong way, tripping the glass with metal elements.
  4. Existence of stones in the field.
  5. Assembly of its structure in a weak way.
  6. 6. Existence of very strong wind currents.

Another reason why the glass walls of a paddle tennis court can be broken is that the screws used to assemble them are not suitable in terms of material and coating.

These stainless steel screws must have a rear nut with a brake and a plastic cover so that the head of the screw is wrapped to avoid any friction with the glass, which prevents a break in the wall.

Similarly, neoprene must be placed between the iron structure and the glass since if they rub, the latter can be broken. These structures must be very well glued and placed.

The breakage of both structures can happen if the screws are loose and, of course, as explained above, if neoprene is not placed or has been glued improperly, that is when
the iron, and glass come together producing a small break in the paddle tennis court’s glass wall.

Some ways to avoid breaking the glass walls of the paddle tennis courts

One of the methods or ways to avoid breaking the glass in the paddle courts is to properly install the paddle court, by professionals in the manufacture, maintenance, and installation of paddle courts in Cáceres.

Also, the paddle courts’ glass walls must be correctly fixed to the court’s metal structure. It is also imperative to choose a screw of suitable material that never comes into contact with the paddle court’s glass walls.

Furthermore, it is important that the choice of materials is correct and that the court is installed according to the established regulations. Likewise, maintenance must be carried out from time to time as the screws usually lose strength and need to be tightened repeatedly.

It is vital to consider this because if there is any breakage, it can influence the players’ work and could even be dangerous for them if it happens in the middle of a game.

Solution if the glass of the paddle tennis court breaks

To avoid any accidents if a paddle tennis court breaks the glass walls, you should contact to specialists installing paddle tennis court walls. At Sport BS we offer you our professionals, who will assist you and solve your doubts in this aspect.

Sport BS, we are a leader in installing and maintaining sports courts and paddle tennis courts in Cáceres. Including the construction of a paddle tennis court and its walls made of glass or other material, services in which we have extensive experience.

We choose for you the best tempered and laminated glass for paddle tennis courts, with thicknesses between 10 and 12 millimeters, either in float glass or extra-clear glass, according to your company’s needs, to obtain a better view of the court.

Similarly, we offer you our transport service to move the materials for the installation of
your paddle tennis court.

How do you repair a paddle glass?

The breakage of glass on paddle tennis courts makes replacement necessary; repairing damaged paddle tennis glass does not guarantee its viability. Therefore, if we want to avoid the risks that a weakened glass can cause, it is vital to replace it before it breaks.

If you need to replace glass or windows for paddle tennis courts, do not hesitate to contact our staff, whether your court is located near the sea, in rural areas, urban areas, or paddle tennis courts in Cáceres, where we will attend you directly. Contact us.

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