Artificial grass installation

Artificial grass installation on soil, concrete, tile, cement, or any other type of sports flooring

Artificial turf installation on sports grounds

More and more clubs and sports schools are choosing to lay artificial or synthetic grass or to lay it on their sports grounds.

The artificial turf is installed on whichever sports field. Remarkably, it contributes to long-term advantages over installing natural grass or other surfaces on sports fields.

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Installation of Paddle Courts

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Construction of Football Fields

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Advantages of installing artificial turf on a sports pitch.

Installation of artificial grass, installation of artificial grass, install artificial grass on cement, installation of synthetic grass on concrete, Advantages of installing artificial grass on paddle tennis courtsBesides the fact that artificial turf can be used all year round, unlike other types of floors and sports surfaces, there are different qualities, among which Sport Bs stands out:

  1. It is unnecessary to sweep the court once a game is over; that is, it is straightforward to clean and maintain.
  2. Players who use it do not get dirty.
  3. The color of the artificial turf remains the same for a long time.
  4. The experience of playing on artificial turf is very similar to playing on a real one.
  5. The finish of the artificial grass is excellent and easy to maintain.
  6. It allows those who use it to move from one point to another quickly.
  7. It has an exceptional foot grip.
  8. A natural grass field is always affected by climatic changes. Artificial grass, on the other hand, does not deteriorate in this way.
  9. Its installation is easy and fast. The base on which installing artificial turf is carried out can be either hard or soft. If the ground is natural, it is necessary to prepare the ground by first laying a weed barrier.
  10. Its visibility is quite comprehensive, as is its lighting.
  11. It is not necessary to water it, so it saves this resource, which makes the maintenance of an artificial grass an extremely easy and not cumbersome process. This is one of the many advantages of installing artificial turf over a natural turf.
  12. In most cases, this soil can be reused, which makes it environmentally friendly.
  13. It is made with high-quality materials that make it antiallergenic.
  14. You do not need to expose yourself to the sun to stay healthy.
  15. It takes up less space than other floors. It saves space because it can be used for different sports, all on the same artificial turf pitch.
  16. Brushing does not require specialized personnel; it can be done by the person in charge of cleaning the installation. If you need a specific maintenance procedure, it is necessary to have professionals available to do it, like the ones we offer you at Sport BS.
  17. Any residue that exists is easily removable. In case there are any traces of gum, they can be removed with water.
  18. Maintenance and brushing can be done even when the artificial grass is dry or wet.
  19. It allows to reduce maintenance costs by 75%.
  20. It boosts the use of your field up to 10 times more than natural grass.

SportBS’ specialists can install artificial grass on earth, concrete, cement, or any other surface.

Furthermore, thanks to our great experience, we have high productivity, and we carry out the assembly and installation of synthetic turf at very economical prices.

Benefits of installing artificial turf on sports grounds

In addition to those already mentioned, if you lay artificial grass on paddle tennis courts, you can be sure that several groups of players can use the field on the same day without fear of damage.

Artificial or synthetic grass has an excellent drainage capacity. This is a critical point to consider, especially in the winter season.

If a track is not adequately covered, it will be challenging to use it after heavy rain. However, if artificial turf is laid, it can be used after the rain has stopped. Whatever the intensity of use of synthetic turf tracks, thanks to their excellent water permeability, the ground maintains its good condition for a long time. This means that any outdoor games can be extended and should not be canceled due to the court’s poor condition.

This is an advantage that sports clubs are increasingly required as members do not want to miss a training session due to grass maintenance issues.

Install your artificial turf with professionals in the construction and maintenance of paddle tennis courts and sports fields

Once you have described the advantages of laying artificial turf for your sports pitch, you will probably want to opt for immediate installation. In that case, you have
the best professionals in installing artificial grass in paddle tennis courts in Cáceres.

In Sport Bs, we manufacture each of the courts requested by our clients. We install paddle courts, and we carry out cleaning maintenance services of sports courts, paddle courts, multipurpose sports courts, and football courts in Extremadura

For these reasons and much more, do not hesitate to contact Sport BS to help you and install and maintain your paddle tennis court, either with artificial grass or other types, according to your needs.

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