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Construcciones deportivas, centros deportivos, construcción de instalaciones deportivasSport BS is a company specialized in the realization of sports constructions of any kind.
We have a staff specialized in the manufacture of sports courts and centers, and we also have a large number of satisfied clients who extend their services to the maintenance, and management
of sports courts.

Construction of Sports Facilities

We build any sports facility, we have numerous construction works performed in Spain, Portugal, United States

Construction of Padel Courts

Manufacture of padel tennis courts of the highest quality and durability

Construcción de canchas de fútbol pistas tipo Indoor, campo de fútbol césped artificial

Manufacture of football pitches

Construction of football fields of the highest quality and durability

Golf Course Realization

Construction and design of golf courses and artificial turf mini-golf

Construction of Tennis Courts

We build Artificial Grass Tennis Courts, Cement, Soil...

Before starting the construction of sports facilities, we carry out a preliminary study. We measure angles, inclination, and length so that our clients have perfect leveling in the sports facilities. We guide and advise on the choice of the best construction materials, the choice of the althernative and the type of sports flooring according to the discipline being practiced, innovations on the market, among them, glass walls or the installation of artificial grass.

We have excellent suppliers of raw materials, which guarantees the variety and durability of the sports facilities or constructions, regardless of the type of sport practiced and its needs. Our experience in the manufacture of padel tennis courts, indoor or outdoor, as well as the installation of sports facilities for different uses gives us the advantage of going one step ahead, because we have tried and tested all the materials on the market, which is a plus.

We know our business and can satisfy the customer.

Installation of Artificial Turf

Padel tennis courts, tennis courts, football fields, golf courses, terraces, gardens, swimming pools...

Maintenance of Sports Facilities

Cleaning and care of padel tennis courts, football fields, golf courses...

Sports center construction company

When it comes to the manufacture of sports courts, Sport BS is the ideal sports center construction as we adapt to our clients’ immediate requirements. You will only see how your sports court is built in record time and in a planned way. We take care of everything, from the rubble involved in any sports construction to the final cleaning for the track’s opening. Our range of possibilities is so vast that podemos construir todo tipo de pistas deportivas de acuerdo a las especificación técnicas de cada deporte, medidas estándares internacionales y los fondos disponibles, pensamos en los accesos a la pista, así como el público que observa, dado caso la pista sea para una audiencia definida o celebración de torneos.

Your sports facilities will be approved by their users, as we offer specialized maintenance, después haber entregado la construcción deportiva. Recuerde que cada tipo de pavimento necesita cuidados diferentes y el mantenimiento adecuado garantizará una mayor vida útil del centro deportivo.

The best paddle tennis courts at the best price

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The best sports courts at the best price!


We have made multiple Sports Constructions throughout Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Cáceres, Badajoz, Sevilla, Málaga, Cádiz, Granada, Toledo, Ciudad Real, Cuenca, Palencia, Salamanca, Valladolid, Menorca…)

Internationally, we have carried out work in the United States, Argentina, Portugal (Porto, Lisbon, Sintra…).

Essential technical aspects in the construction of sports centers

Every sport has technical specifications, the construction of sports centers requires taking into account different measures and elements. Sport BS carefully handles these aspects, which can be very expensive if the wrong track is installed, which is why we have an organized team, with trained personnel for the construction of sports courts, where the use of materials is usually different.

We are a highly committed team that moves towards excellence and efficiency in its finished products. We offer tight budgets for the construction of sports centers, with the best prices on the market and respecting technical specifications for each sport (Football, Padel, Tennis, Golf…). We also offer confidence and ease so that the end user experience is the satisfaction of the sponsors and have an athlete who delivers 100% of their performance.

Our services for the installation, remodeling and construction of sports facilities include: sports complexes, schools, parks, sports halls, land, municipal sports centers, community sports courts or central recreational areas of urban complexes, special floors for kindergarten and others areas where custom spaces are needed for sports or areas where the installation of artificial or synthetic grass is needed.

The international technical specifications for each track is just as important as the selection of materials, the classification is necessary, since being on a sports track with incorrect measurements can leave it out of play for not meeting the established standards, resulting in a loss of time and money for sponsors and their users.

At Sport BS we are at your entire disposal, you can contact us using different means, you can fill in the form in the contact section, if you want a different treatment, you can call us or write directly to our email.

Remember that we provide the best advice for the construction of sports courts, we are specialists in the matter, we know what is appropriate for your facility or sports areas in your community and how to take care of it. Experience sets us apart from others, as well as the number of satisfied customers.

Importance of building adequate accesses to sports courts

Sport BS aware of the needs of sports constructions that are carried out in educational centers, sports complexes and common areas. For this reason, it offers you more alternatives for the enjoyment of healthy recreation, because as is known, there are several types of tracks, due to their functions, among which we find: tracks for celebration or exhibition of tournaments and tracks exclusively for practice.

The exhibition or tournament courts have a scheduled transit, although the number will always be greater than the other type of court, their accesses must be programmed so that the audience can enter and exit without dangerous crowds, that is why the access routes and emergency exits must comply with the regulations established for the protection of spectators in general.

On the other hand, we have the practice tracks, where it has a smaller group of people actively traveling, but it does not mean that its impact is less, since this type of track has constant use, every day of the week and extended hours It also receives more impacts than a sports court for holding tournaments.

However, access points and changing rooms are a constant point of complaint if they are not designed properly, making sport facilities look regular and poorly organized or creating crowds in educational centers that provide disorder.

Visit us and learn more about maintenance for Sport BS sports facilities in Spain. You can contact us via e-mail, by telephone contact or simply by filling in the form with the specifications of your needs.

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Sport BS is interested in you being able to provide your clients or frequent users with all the existing alternatives in terms of sports facilities and constructions. In this way, your center will become a sports complex of choice in your community. Standing out over other existing ones, where its members are interested in attending its facilities, that is why we have at your disposal the following sports buildings:

It should be noted that each type of sports flooring is different, where they can choose glass, cement and resin wall protections according to their needs, whether indoors or outdoors.

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