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Tennis court construction company, SportBS. We build tennis courts with official dimensions or made to measure

SportBS Tennis Court constructions

Tennis Court Characteristics:

• We manufacture the courts to your measure or with the official dimensions of the CSD.
• Indoor or outdoor installations.
• The floor of the court can be made of artificial grass or resin floor.
• The court can be built in a single color or in several colors. You choose!
• We can add lighting poles with 200W LED spotlights.
• Always, as a gift, we include a professional game net model high competition!

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Types of flooring for your tennis court

Artificial Turf tennis court

• Fibrillated, monofilament, or textured artificial grass. Depending on your needs, we will recommend one or the other.
• Green, blue, tile, black or fuchsia color. Various color options.
• Includes sand filling and white marking lines.
• Valid both indoors and outdoors.
• Very easy to maintain and with an excellent boat quality.

Resin Floor

• Also known as polyepoxide.
• Anti-levelling floor of long durability, waterproof, and resistant to erosive agents (sun, rain, wind).
• Smooth and continuous floor with matt or gloss finish. It can be made in one color or several colors.
• The land is prepared for the subsequent application of three coats; one of primer, another of base and finally, the finishing coat.
• Valid both indoors and outdoors..


    You can customize any Tennis court element.

    We are manufacturers which allows us to offer the most incredible variety of possibilities to adapt the tennis court construction to your needs.

    SportBS will design and install it wherever you want.

    Internationally Sport Court Company

    We do soccer fields constructions throughout Norway, Sweden, Spain, France, Portugal, United StatesArgentina…

    We have been building and installing tennis courts all over Norway, Sweden, Spain, France, Portugal, United States, Argentina  for many years.

    Quality of all our tennis courts.

    2-years guarantee.

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    Where do we install Tennis Courts?

    Internationally Sport Court Company

    We do Tennis Court constructions throughout Norway, Sweden, Spain, France, Portugal, United StatesArgentina…

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    Specialists in the manufacture, construction, installation, and maintenance of padel tennis courts and multidisciplinary sports constructions. 100% Spanish manufacture.


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