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maintenance of soccer fields, soccer fields, soccer fields ... With use and the passage of time, football pitches lose performance and are damaged. That is why it is essential to maintain synthetic grass football pitches properly, to be played 100% safely.

There is a great tendency nowadays to carry out sports activities. The construction of sports fields, both in big cities and in small towns, is currently on the rise, encouraging sport and how healthy it is to perform. Given these trends, there is also a need to correctly maintain the sports courts, to ensure their suitable and good condition for carrying out the sport.

At Sport BS, we carry out professional and long-lasting maintenance of football pitches. Efficiently maintaining the football pitches and avoiding high repair costs.

Also, we explain the disadvantages in the maintenance of football pitches, which occur in temperate countries due to their climate, in certain summer seasons.

Football pitches have the advantage that they are, to a certain extent, portable, that is, once installed, and under certain circunstances, they could be uninstalled to be moved to another location or to do some maintenance to the area where they were located.

Football field surfaces

When building or renovating a pitch, there is often a dilemma between sowing natural grass and laying artificial grass on a football pitch’s surface. The prominent element is that natural grass on football pitches requires a lot of maintenance and is difficult to protect during the winter to prevent it from getting lost.

In contrast, artificial turf on sports fields is not affected by temperatures but does require maintenance. Although it is always less demanding than natural turf, it is necessary to keep it clean of waste and periodically ensure that drainage is working correctly.

Maintenance of Artificial Turf Football Fields

As mentioned above, the alternative of installing artificial turf is significantly attractive to reduce maintenance costs; however, it is not that these expenses are precisely zero; it requires less effort than with natural turf, but just as important.

The key behind the construction of artificial turf football pitches is that maintenance is continuous so that costs are kept low. For example, if there is a piece of glass on the surface and it is not picked up immediately, it can break the carpet, allow moisture, generate fungus, and damage it in such a way that it needs to be replaced.

That is why it is recommended to take preventive care during the maintenance of the football pitches. Additionally, artificial grass football pitches impose a different dynamic to the game; it makes it faster, the ball bounces more; therefore, it demands better reflexes from the players.

Natural grass football pitches

Natural grass football pitches are wonderful. The players are more comfortable because they are used to the ball’s much more predictable movements on this surface, thus generating a game at ground level and fewer aerial balls.

However, for those responsible for maintenance, natural grass football pitches need meticulous care. They require permanent maintenance, mowing, picking up the cut grass, watering, covering when it rains too much, or in winter.

Football field maintenance companies in Cáceres

There is a real passion for football in Spain, especially for the clubs affiliated with the Spanish Football League. However; it is not exclusive to this level; fans are assiduous to this sport at all levels and in all categories, awakening interest from the youngest to the grandparents at home.

The region of Extremadura, especially the city of Cáceres, has countless clubs, competitions, and tournaments, in addition to hotels, campsites, sports and community centers that permanently require the services of football field maintenance companies such as SportBS for the installation and maintenance of this type of facility.

In the city of Cáceres, there is a demand for more comfortable and flexible versions to play football outside the conventional formats such as the field or the hall, demanding both facilities and services from football field maintenance companies..

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