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Maintenance of paddle tennis courts and artificial grass

The maintenance of artificial grass paddle tennis courts  requires professional workers and specialized machinery for cleaning and care. The artificial grass used in the paddle tennis courts, is a synthetic material designed to look like natural grass; it is mostly used in sports grounds, where the maintenance of natural grass is costly.

Due to lower maintenance costs, artificial grass has also been used as a decorative element and used in commercial and residential areas in recent years.

The lower maintenance costs of artificial turf are that it does not require frequent watering or trimming. Also, it can be subjected to intensive use and is ideal for use in enclosed spaces where there is no sunlight, where natural grass would have problems maintaining itself.

However, artificial grass is not forever, it requires good maintenance and periodic cleaning to extend its life, so from SportBS, we give you a series of practical tips for the maintenance of artificial grass.

Specialists in paddle tennis court maintenance

There is no lack of objections to the maintenance costs of the paddle tennis courts, but SPORT BS can offer very competitive prices thanks to having the right equipment and professionals.

Paddle tennis courts require relatively inexpensive care, compared to the maintenance of other sports facilities such as tennis courts or football fields.

Maintenance of paddle tennis courts is not a problem for the specialists and professionals of Sport BS. Our company has the knowledge, technology, and experience to assist sports centers and clubs managing paddle tennis courts.

The number of hotels, campsites, sports, and community centers that have required specialists’ services in the maintenance and manufacture of paddle tennis courts continues to grow. At Sport BS, we have years of experience in the paddle tennis world.

In general, the maintenance that a paddle tennis court needs, the care of the grass of the paddle tennis court, whether natural or artificial, to avoid the proliferation of fungus due to humidity, since if it is not carried out in time, the grass can be lost, which makes it necessary to replant it or restore the carpeting in the case that it is artificial.

Do you want to build a paddle tennis court?

At Sport BS, we build and install paddle tennis courts in Extremadura, Andalusia, Castilla la Mancha, Portugal… We also offer a maintenance service for sports facilities, so that you have a durable court that is always ready to play paddle tennis. What are you waiting for? Ask for information; we will advise you throughout the process of installing and building a paddle tennis court in Extremadura.

Tips for caring for our artificial grass

At SportBS we previously gave a series of tips for maintaining artificial grass , today; we want to focus above all on prevention to avoid durability and deterioration.

Having artificial turf on sports grounds, for example, does not mean that we do not have to take preventive measures against its deterioration, since the care of artificial turf although less than that of real turf, must be constant maintenance to guarantee, based on the use to which it is submitted, at least 15 years of useful life.

Some preventive elements to take into account are:

  • Cleaning o tracks and grass: The cleaning and removal of waste (leaves, rubbish, and organic elements) must be continuous. As an element that decomposes on our grass can affect the structure and damage the fibers that make it up.
  • Brushing the grass on sports grounds: this will depend on the use of our grass, however; experts recommend that the frequency of brushing should be at least once a week.
  • Use of Cleaning Products: Always consult experts, do not use products that are not recommended by experts.
  • Watering the grass on paddle tennis courts: just because it is artificial grass does not mean that it does not need to be watered; the water allows for deeper cleaning. During periods of high temperatures, such as summer, water frequency should be increased to ensure that the material is kept hydrated.
  • Pesticide treatments: there are pests capable of damaging our artificial grass, so it is necessary to consult experts on pesticide recommendations to ensureour turf’s integrity.
  • Visit from professionals in the maintenance of lawns and sports fields: it is advisable to have a plan of visits from experts in the field, usually once every two years, to check the lawn state and make corrections according to their evaluations.

Indoor Paddle Courts

There are different types of paddle tennis courts. Their definition will always depend on the elements that make them up, and there may even be combinations between various types of courts according to the user’s requirements.

One of the most commonly used types of paddle tennis courts is indoor paddle tennis courts, which have the main characteristic of being located inside buildings or having a whole roof over the paddle tenniscourt’s entire surface. One of the main benefits of their use is that players are not directly exposed to the weather elements (rain, snow, inclement sunlight).

Like everything else, it also has its disadvantages, such as the height of the ceiling, which means that the balloons have to be measured very well when playing, and an indoor paddle tennis court without a good lighting and ventilation system is not suitable as it can become uncomfortable and not in the right conditions for the players. Also, the acoustics of the indoor courts are much higher than those of the open-air ones.

Paddle tennis courts: Repairs

Paddle tennis courts have many elements, the most well known being glass, artificial grass, net, mechanical components, lighting, etc., and all of them can fail at some point due to their use.

Padel court repair

That is why it is preferable to have good maintenance to prevent possible unforeseen events that could happen.

If there is any need to repair paddle tennis courts. In that case, our advice from SportBS is always to contact a professional company for the repair and maintenance of paddle tennis courts and their elements. For the updating of the court and to be able to have it available at all times.

One of the most common problems is the compaction of the surface of the paddle tennis court, this makes many people believe that this; causes the change of surface immediately; however, a decompacting process often solves the problem of hardening of the paddle tennis court.

Painting, checking, cleaning, and changing windows are priority elements that are part of the most common repairs to paddle tennis courts.

Maintenance of Padel Courts in Cáceres

Prevention is a key and essential aspect in the maintenance of paddle tennis courts, throughout; the post, we have seen how important it is to have professionals to carry out preventive checks; this will always avoid in some way any damage that may occur; it results in severe consequences for our infrastructures.

For repair, maintenance, and installation services of paddle tennis courts or any or all a paddle tennis court elements. At SportBS, we invite you to contact us, as we are specialists in the maintenance and rehabilitation of paddle tennis courts, tennis courts, or indoor football pitches.

We have at your disposal our services of:

We put our experts at your disposal so that your sports courts are available as long as possible and in the optimal conditions that the users deserve, thus taking care of your investment and offering the best possible infrastructure.

Sporting Constructions

Paddle tennis courts, tennis courts, football fields, golf courses...

Installation of Artificial Turf

Swimming pools, terraces, gardens, paddle tennis courts, football fields, golf courses...

Facilities Maintenance

Paddle tennis courts, sports facilities, football fields, golf courses...


If you are thinking of installing paddle tennis courts in your complex, sports center, or for private use, SportBS will help you in the process, from start to finish.

Installation, maintenance and management of paddle tennis courts

If you already have it installed but your paddle tennis court requires maintenance we also offer this service including, window replacement, carpet replacement and artificial grass replacement.

To complete the cycle of services from installation and maintenance of paddle tennis courts, we also include your sports facilities’ management. Including a booking system with many functionalities for you and your clients.

Types of paddle tennis court maintenance

The paddle tennis courts, at first sight, have apparently low maintenance because two factors are taken care of: constant sweeping and efficient drainage. Believe it or not, water is usually the number one enemy of any sports court. Environmental factors significantly influence the conservation of the useful life and alter its stability more than not respecting a sports facility’s installed load capacity.

Abrupt temperature changes burn the natural grass, so many of them have indoor paddle tennis courts, or for the winter, it is usually more comfortable indoor paddle tennis. Although, as we know, the heat of the mother country comes from the desert, summers are usually very hot and air conditioning is usually a blessing.

Returning to the subject, the excellent drainage of an indoor or outdoor paddle tennis court is usually a key point for the sports court to be in optimal conditions throughout the year; this is why its programmed maintenance is usually the salvation of these courts.

The importance of good maintenance

Padel is not a passing fad, its success is overwhelming, and you can see it entirely by the number of players and tournaments held. Good facilities can make the hours to play more intense, productive, and fun.

It has been proven that well-maintained paddle tennis courts last much longer, are in perfect condition, and players like them more. This will make playing experience much more enjoyable. Without appropriate maintenance of paddle tennis courts, players can slip, the surface will not drain well, and the balls will not have the proper pot, and many more inconveniences that will make the game challenging. Just think of how many hours of play in a quarter, the players who use it, the time…

That’s why at, SportBS you’ll get your maintenance team to spend as little time on you as possible. We have scheduled maintenance to fix the most typical problems that players ask for: sand on the sides, the ball bounces badly, it slips…

With our paddle tennis court maintenance service, they will always be adequate, without user complaints and a budget adjusted to the services. If you wish, you can contact us by our form (or use the one below), without any obligation.


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