management of paddle tennis courts, management of sports facilitiesThe correct management of the sports facilities (paddle tennis courts, tennis courts, football pitches…), will allow us to enjoy them in the best conditions and for a more extended period of time.

Paddle tennis is a sport of cooperation-opposition, characterized by players who collaborate to achieve an expected result. It is a sport that requires excellent technique and physical condition.

It is played in pairs and consists of three fundamental material elements: the ball, the paddle, and the paddle court. It has well-defined rules and is represented by federations and associations. The PPT (Play Paddel Tour) is the essential circuit in this sport worldwide, without forgetting the world paddle tennis championships.

At Sport BS we are a company specialized in the management of sports facilities or constructions. Specifically in the maintenance of sport facilities and paddle tennis court’s conservation, which, allows great advantages to the sports facilities owners.

Management of Sports Tracks

The management of sports courts or facilities requires direct collaboration in their direction and administration. Management ranges from accesibility to sports grounds and planning the use of facilities to cost management.

Among the most relevant services for the management of sports’ courts are.

  • Track booking
  • Access 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Item Management
  • Notifications and Communication
  • Self-financing
  • Offers and Promotions

Management of sports facilities: Paddle tennis courts

One of the most demanded services within the management of sports facilities is paddle tennis court’s management. Paddle tennis is a sport with exponential growth in recent years, which means that courts’ requests to practice the sport are in great demand, so they have begun to adopt information technologies to manage paddle tennis courts.

A management system can be defined as a set of rules and principles related to each other in an orderly way to direct and manage an organization’s general or specific processes. There are currently companies that offer paddle tennis court management systems to, work of the owners’ courts.

The advantages of the slope reservation system

Reserve paddle tennis courts, reserve paddle tennis courts software

The main advantage of paddle tennis court management systems is their ease of use, as well as allowing the interested user to create an Online Paddle Tennis Reservation, i.e., using technological resources (a smartphone, a tablet, a personal computer) to check availability and make a paddle tennis court reservation via the Internet.

Depending on the management software, the online paddle tennis reservation also allows you to create game systems, paddle tennis tournaments and results in which you can invite anyone or even make them public so that anyone can join over the Internet.

Another advantage of using paddle tennis court reservation systems is that, they save on material and space and centralize information as they are based on information technology.

The online court reservation systems have the advantage of avoiding the transfer of the athlete to the paddle tennis club that he selects to carry out the procedure to reserve the desired paddle tennis court, as well as shortening the waiting times to have information on the days available for the organization of his game. These systems guarantee access to information in real-time, which allows the interested party to avoid unnecessary loss of time.

Another essential advantage of the online booking system is how the interested party can manage it, without making a transfer to the track to verify the dates. The system automatically indicates which days the track is available.

Paddle tennis courts managed in Cáceres

Paddle tennis is one of the most popular sports in the different Spanish provinces. The number of paddle tennis courts varies from one province to another, depending on the total number of inhabitants. It is estimated that the greater the population density, the more paddle tennis courts within reach of the population.

Paddle tennis in Cáceres is represented in at least 7 large clubs with different courts, all of which are available for users to enjoy. Among the most demanded paddle courts to play paddle, the following ones.

  • Indoor Paddleball Cáceres.
  • Norba Golf Club.
  • Peru Wellness.
  • Malpartida Municipal Sports Centre.
  • Cabezarrubia Tennis Club.

In the case of the Cáceres Indoor Paddle, 4 independent indoor paddle courts are available (to avoid distractions); each court is air-conditioned, making the experience for the user a pleasant one.

Regardless of their purpose, sports facilities must always aim to cover a minimum number of characteristics to satisfy the needs of the users who use them, efficient energy management, service provision, maintenance of sports grounds, certifications, etc. Sometimes it is necessary to contract a third party to support and guarantee the sports grounds facilities’ operation.

As part of our management system, our clients have an online paddle tennis booking system. At SportBS we offer court management services, as well as the manufacture, installation, and maintenance of paddle tennis courts and sports facilities.

SportBS Computerised Sports Management System

Technology is becoming increasingly useful for administrative purposes, so Sport BS presents a sports court management service for a sports complex or sports facilities for the convenience of members or frequent users and your center’s administrative staff…

The sports court management system, which serves its users 24 horas a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, is a self-financing system that provides fast, easily accessible reservations from any mobile device and secure, respecting the privacy of users. This system is also used to manage paddle tennis courts and to create games.

This management system also proposes various uses, in an optimal and commercial sense, since it can make mass announcements for the community of your sports center, important notifications, and announce public interest programs or rules for the use of the sports space.

The sports facilities management system proposed by Sport BS is adapted to the identity of the corporate image offered by its sports facilities, providing a series of services to the user and access from any platform, in this way, its users will not find the sports court occupied or with booking errors.

You can announce the days of maintenance of the paddle courts through the management system without interrupting the projects or sports activities that are carried out through the plans contained in the owners of the sports complex.

Possibility to make announcements and promotions

A sports facilities management system’s competitive advantage is to provide information to users of different ages, who differ in tastes, and their participation in sports activities is often different.

Announcing the slopes’ maintenance, gives the user the possibility to book in other scheduled days or months, keeping their audience informed and looking plan. Another benefit is to announce special celebrations and tournaments of public interest.

You can also use the channel for promotion and discounts to encourage the use of your sports space by attracting new users.

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