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Integrated sports field maintenance (paddle tennis courts, football, tennis, golf…)

Sports field maintenance Company, Maintenance of sports facilities, paddle tennis courts, soccer fields, tennis court, golf

The sports facilities maintenance  is a set of operations to guarantee the life of the components that make up the sports construction (structure, flooring, equipment…).

The Sport BS professions carry out specific maintenance for the type of sports facility (Paddle tennis courts, Tennis courts, artificial turf football pitches, , Golf…)

Maintenance of Paddle Courts

Professional cleaning and care for artificial grass paddle tennis courts

Care and Maintenance of Artificial Turf

Specialized maintenance of artificial or synthetic grass

Replacement and installation of glass

Paddle tennis court glass: Installation, Repair, and Replacement

Football Field Maintenance

Professional care for synthetic or artificial turf football pitches

The maintenance is divided, in turn, into the maintenance of conservation and update; inside the maintenance of conservation, we find endless maintenance and corrective maintenance. Sport BS is an expert in conservation maintenance in sports facilities.

Maintenance of sports facilities can be preventive or corrective. The first type of maintenance is carried out with cleaning schedules and permanent revision of structures and the second type of maintenance refers to when repairs must be made.

Sport BS is a specialist in the maintenance of indoor and outdoor facilities. We ensure that your sports courts, in general, receive the appropriate treatment, using the products designed for each type of flooring, pruning with the appropriate centimeters, fertilizing, and repairing areas of grass that are damaged.

We also do maintenance to the artificial grass, as we have tools and a machinery, human team, and the necessary management. Your sports activities project is not interrupted by unforeseen maintenance unless it updates the track or corrective maintenance.

Our services go a little further, as we offer sports court management for your partners, clients, and users online.

Specialists in sports facilities maintenance

There is no shortage of objections to the maintenance costs of sports facilities.

Thanks to the fact that they are equipped with machines, tools, and a team of maintenance specialists. Sport BS can carry out the maintenance of sports facilities at very competitive prices.


Sports Construction

Manufacture of paddle tennis courts, tennis courts, football fields, golf courses...


nstallation of artificial grass for paddle tennis courts, swimming pools, golf courses...


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Full maintenance of sports courts

Sport BS cares about its clients and responding to their needs. We offer full maintenance of their sports courts, as access points are also often deteriorated, dressing rooms are damaged, and bathrooms break keys; it is a set of circunstances that must be overcome by any installation regardless of its functions.

Maintenance of sports facilities

The maintenance of sports facilities is a central aspect of the economic management of sports clubs and centers. The large areas involve permanent maintenance work on the football pitches.

An organization that wishes to preserve its fields and courts in optimal conditions must maintain its sports facilities in a disciplined and constant manner, especially in a preventive manner, to correct any minor damage in time and avoid high costs.

Lawn care

The care of sports turf is, more or less demanding whether it is natural grass or artificial grass, although they are definitely different from each other. The important thing is to place this work in the hands of dedicated professionals in the field.

Maintenance and care of artificial, synthetic grass

The care of sport courts’ natural grass, focuses on cutting it, raking it, watering it, covering it, and even air conditioning it during the winter. It also requires previous preparation of the land to have the right slope to favor drainage and prevent the puddles’ formation.

Instead, the care of the artificial grass of sport courts, focuses on the preventive thing, sweeping it, collecting any potentially dangerous waste. It is also essential to keep the drainage pipes working to avoid the generation of fungus that damages the carpet.

Complete maintenance or conservation can be the best investment you can make in your life, giving your partners an unparalleled experience. Also, to get you fully into the technology, we offer an innovative online sports court management system that adapts to the personality of your website, and we have another paddle court management system so that your partners can have a great time and can set up games at any time of the day.

Specialized cleaning tools and instruments

Sport BS has the perfect machinery composed of a team of expert operators, instruments, machinery, and tools to ensure proper maintenance for each flooring type.

The paddle tennis courts need a semi hard brushing; the vinyl, a gentle brush; the resin, rubber soap that is not an industrial degreaser, the parquet, soft brushing, specific wax and polishing machinery with spongy discs. On the other hand, artificial grass is washed with medium pressure foam and artificial grass depends a lot on the rake and the pruning’s height, with an industrial pruning machine.

Many want to do the proper maintenance of the sports facility. Still, without, the necessary machinery and knowledge, inexperienced hands can be compromised; trust Sport BS, we know our business.

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