Ventajas de instalar césped artificial frente al césped naturalThere are several advantages to installing artificial grass compared to natural grass. Are you unsure whether to install natural grass or artificial grass? This is a question that we often ask ourselves when installing artificial turf on large surfaces, in a garden, or installing grass on a football pitch. It is usually not known which of the two options is better in the long term and which is more beneficial and economical.

Advantages of artificial turf

From Sport BS we want to give you some advice to explain the five advantages of artificial grass, to be taken into account when installing your football or paddle tennis courts. 1- Saving water, since artificial grass hardly requires watering, using a hose, when dirty. It does not require continuous watering as natural grass does. 2- Maintenance of artificial turf is practical and straightforward, whereas maintenance of natural turf requires meticulous care, for example, pest control, fertilizing, weeding, etc. 3-The visual quality of artificial grass is excellent, and it is very similar to natural grass. To choose the right type of artificial turf, SportBS provides information on the types of artificial turf and artificial turf installation.

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