As time goes by, the tracks are losing quality: their characteristics or performance deteriorate. That’s why at SportBS we give great importance to the maintenance of paddle tennis courts in Extremadura. If you do not want there to be any consequences in the medium or long term, we recommend contacting us using our form.

Tips for a good maintenance for your paddle tennis court in London

The proper maintenance of your paddle tennis courts will prolong your paddle tennis courts’s life, and you will get better performance and reduce future problems. We give you some advice on how to do this.

– Keep the paddle tennis court’s surface clean by sweeping it well and removing any stains that may appear.

– Height of grass, around 12mm, would be ideal. This is the best way to provide a good bounce and improve the athlete’s footprints.

– Decompact the sand and maintain a correct distribution of the sand on the court.

– To provide a good ball bounce, optimal traction of the sportsman, and a longer court duration.

These actions will require a team of maintenance personnel, who will not have our experience and will be very expensive. Our paddle tennis court maintenance services include these and more actions, such as making sure that the surface is totally clean; the surface’s texture is useful not only for the ball but for the user. We control the drainage of the water.


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