BS Panoramic Model

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BS Panoramic Paddle Court + Technical Sheet


Metal structure formed
by 100x100m tube in panoramic areas and L-shaped finish on the sides
Electro-welded mesh of 50x50x4mm with double rigidity thanks to two tubes of 40x40x2mm at 1 and 2 meters high that prevent the fence from being deformed.
Anti-injury system
12 mm tempered glass
Fibrillated, monofilament, or textured/WPT grass approved by the Royal Paddle Tennis Federation.
Straightlighting poles and 200W LED lighting
Oven-lacquered finish in a color to be chosen by the client0

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Types of grass for your paddle tennis court


Fibrillated grass is made up of straight fibers extruded flatly. Small cuts are made in the flat fiber to create a set of more delicate fibers. Over time, fibrillated grass can be compacted in the areas of most excellent wear and tear. Good maintenance with silica sand solves it.


It is a more resistant grass with greater vertical memory, returning to its original shape after impacts. It is a more durable grass than fibrillated grass, which with proper maintenance can give us, for an extended period of time, high performance in the game.


Regular play throughout the court. It stands out for the textured effect of its filaments, which provide a greater capacity for rotational and longitudinal traction (grip), increasing grip and therefore improving the safety and performance of movements.

Technical specifications of the track

You can customize any element of the track. SportBS will design and install it wherever you want

Here you can download our informative dossier in which you will have all the technical specifications of the tracks that we offer you as well as all the customization options for it.



10mm thick tempered glass sheets with polished edges and countersunk holes.

• A 6mm neoprene gasket is embedded between the metal structure and the glass for a perfect fit.
• As opposed to the annealed one, the tempered glass has a mgreater resistance to both temperature changes and impacts produced during play.
• At the customer’s request, the logo of their sports club, institutional image, etc., can be printed on the glass.
• If a glass breaks, the resulting pieces are not sharp –no danger.
• Glass with EEC certificate Complies with UNE-EN ISO 12543-2:2011.


Pistas de pádel SAFYDE

It includes a set of 4 SAMSUNG LED technology spotlights of 200W, allowing 70% energy savings.
• Spotlights of 41.5x33x4.5cm at 6 meters high.
• They are special spotlights for sports courts with anti-glare technology. The light tone is white/cold.
• They have a 5-year guarantee from the manufacturer as long as the product’s original box is kept.
• The company does not include the connection or the electric panel.

We also offer the possibility of installing straight posts; with a 45º inclination for less incidence in the game and personalized where the client can indicate the final form desired.

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