Preparing your tennis court for the summer

Prepare your tennis court for the summer, how much does it cost to repair a tennis court

Preparing your tennis court for the summer requires professional maintenance

Whether you have a tennis court in your home, community, or a sports club member with tennis courts, you need to make sure that the court surface is safe and free of debris. Dirt, mold, even fungus, and algae can damage your tennis court. At SportBS we help you maintain your tennis courts or the maintenance of your paddle courts.

A clean court is good for the players’ safety, otherwise, they can slip and fall. This fall can cause a severe injury; tennis court’s best traction is when it is clean.

Apart from safety, which should be the main reason for keeping a court in good condition, is the high price of repair. It can even deteriorate due to abandonment. You can’t leave it so long that you can’t see the lines and even begin to see cracks. So that you don’t get to the point where you have to repair it and that it costs you a lot. At SportBS we give you the necessary maintenance for your sports constructions (paddle, tennis, football, or multipurpose courts…).

Instructions for the maintenance of tennis courts

Some of the basic guidelines for the correct maintenance of tennis courts are:

Every day: After playing, pick up rubbish, leaves and other waste.

Weekly: Cabin and net areas should be cleaned.

Monthly: The lines must be painted, as required.

Quarterly: The bottom end of the cut must be cleaned.

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