Why do the windows on the paddle tennis courts break?

There are different causes for glass breakage on paddle tennis courts. Incorrect assembly, unsuitable screws, presence of stones on the court, thermal shocks, the impact of players…

Due to the high demand for paddle tennis, which has become a big trend nowadays. It has meant an increase in the construction of paddle tennis courts, in more and more places, being the glass paddle tennis courts one of the preferred ones because they are attractive, and comfortable because they allow total visibility during the paddle tennis match and because they enable a better bounce of the paddle ball; as glass is a less rigid material.

However, paddle tennis courts surrounded by glass have a drawback; since glass is a less rigid material and not all the necessary preventive measures are taken, itbreak.

At Sport BS, we deal with the subject, proposing measures and solutions to prevent glass breakage on paddle tennis courts.

Care of Crystal Paddle Courts

Glass paddle tennis courts are characterized by the fact that their enclosure is made entirely of 10 to 12 mm glass. This type of enclosure allows spectators to see the whole of the paddle ball, and make the most of the paddle ball’s bounce, as it is a less rigid material.

The thickness of the paddle tennis courts’ glass is one of the vital safety features for this type of installation; its minimum thickness must be between 12 mm and 10 mm. Also, the paddle tennis courts’ glass must be made of tempered glass; if the glass breaks, small pieces are made, and damage to the players is avoided.

Causes of glass breakage on a paddle tennis court

At Sport BS, we would like to highlight the most common causes of glass breakage on the paddle tennis court. It should be noted that in most cases, tempered glass does not break.

But what is certain is that there may be a possibility, mainly if the assembly and maintenance have not been carried out regularly, to avoid the infrastructure’s deterioration.


If the glass is placed without ensuring that it is correctly inserted in the guides, it can produce movements that weaken the glass, thus causing it to break without leaving any space.


If the screws used to secure the glass panels are not the correct ones (taking into account their coating and material), they will also cause the glass’s possible breakage as the glass panels themselves are not attached.


The players are dedicated to playing; if there is a solid body on the field, like a stone, and the player in a turn or race stumbles over it, it can shoot out of the glass; although it might not break first hand, it would create a weakening that would end up affecting the whole panel.


Glass by itself can withstand both high and low temperatures if they occur uniformly throughout its mass. A sudden change in the forces of expansion and/or contraction generates cracks from the micro-cracks, which, added to the constant impact against its surface, end up giving way.


Although this does not always happen, if the panel has weakness in some of its points and a player hits it hard, it will end up giving in and breaking.


This happens when no neoprene covers are used in the panel assemblies, the panels cannot go directly on the guides’ metal, as it ends up affecting it.

How can I avoid breaking the glass of the paddle tennis courts?

Without a doubt, the best way to avoid this type of inconvenience will always be to have professional assemblers and maintenance staff on the paddle tennis courts.

The frequency of verification of the structure over time allows the detection of the most common problems. It prevents us from making unnecessary expenses since corrections in paddle tennis courts, are generally much more economical than corrective ones. Therefore, breaking the glass of the paddle tennis court causes significant disruption, in addition to the related expense of replacing the glass, rendering the court unusable for the duration of the repair, and it is advisable to limit this risk with appropriate maintenance.

In the assembly of glass panels in paddle tennis courts as we have already said, the correct assembly and use of top quality materials and that are the right ones will allow the panels to be well-fastened. Without movement, so they will fit perfectly between them, avoiding weakening the glass.

The screws can become loose over time, so it is recommended every three months to check them and make the torque correction because the looser they are, the more vibration and movement the panels will have, bringing as a consequence their weakening.

At SportBS, we have paddle tennis court installation services according to your requirements similarly, we offer paddle tennis court testing and maintenance services, where we carry out thorough checks, such as checking all the glass to ensure that there are no cracks.

In cases where there are cracks in the glass of the track, we recommend not using the track until the structure is checked and the glass is changed, as it may be exposed to breakage due to the number of factors we have already referred to.

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