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Indoor football Indoor is a characteristic sport with a novel court where the walls play a fundamental role in the game’s development. Indoor football is a sport that mixes traditional football and indoor football.

Indoor football pitches are a type of sports construction with specific characteristics and particular requirements.

Characteristics of indoor football

Among its characteristics is a wall delimits the possibility of keeping the ball in constant movement as the field in which the games are held.

On the other hand, it is essential to mention that indoor football is played indoors. Also, matches are played in two halves of 30 minutes each, that is, 60 minutes in total, with a 15-minute break.

There are several characteristics of indoor football, however, we must highlight the most important ones when installing an indoor football: its measurements, flooring, design, and installation.

How big is an indoor football pitch?

The measurements for installing an indoor football pitch allow for several meters of clearance. This aspect will enable us to adapt to the client’s budget and the available land.

In general, the indoor football pitch should be 42 meters long and 22 meters wide. However, there is a range of regulatory measures that can be used. The minimum is 15 meters by 25 meters, while the maximum is 42 meters by 25 meters.

For official matches or international matches of FIFA competition, the minimum must be 18 meters by 38 meters with a maximum of 25 metters by 42 meters. Despite these being the measures used in the creation of indoor football pitches, it has been considered that the best results have been those of 20 meters by 30 meters and 20 meters by 40 meters, measures that correspond to the area of the game, including the counter-foot.

These parameters have been established on the indoor football pitch as the minimum and maximum parameters for at least 7 players to participate on each side of these structures.

The land’s total size should be 18 meters by 36 meters, with a total of 648 square meters.

There is another type of indoor football pitch, measuring 150 square meters, with artificial turf and smaller goals. It should be noted that these courts usually have a good installation, both in terms of lighting and changing rooms and showers.

Flooring for indoor football pitches

For the installation of sports flooring for indoor football pitches it should be noted that synthetic grass flooring is suitable for indoor football pitches and that it is not rigid, as rigid flooring for indoor football pitches is not highly recommended. When paving the courts or tracks, elements such as the playing surface and the outer safety strips must be included in the project. The surface to be used must also comply with some characteristics: having information about its sliding, vertical pot of the impact resistance value, footprint resistance, rolling loads, abrasion resistance, specular reflectance, and specular gloss, pentachlorophenol content, reaction to fire, and flatness.

Indoor football pitches design

When considering installing an indoor football pitch it is necessary to consider some technical specifications for its design. In that sense, together with a specialist in the construction of indoor football pitches, the right type of wall must be planned so that during the game, the ball bounces without being considered out of bounds. It is also worth noting that the goals must be 5 meters long and 2.35 meters high and are made of steel. Also, the indoor football pitch must have a high quality in the materials used and an excellent robustness and resistance of the installation and its durability. The quality of the materials to be used, their aesthetics, and architectural combination must go hand in hand with a state-of-the-art artificial grass environment, this being fibrillated or monofilament. It must also have a sand stabilization filler with an approximate height of 10 and 15 millimeters. There are, in turn, more options when it comes to making indoor football pitches, such as having pre-galvanized structures, having a complete turnkey project, and having a door that is accessible to the disabled. When manufacturing and designing the indoor football pitches, creating the changing rooms for the staff and the players must also be established. Accessibility must be quite right for everyone who wants to go there, and there must be well-defined spaces for both players and guests. If possible, auxiliary spaces for athletes should be located and changing rooms, bathrooms, and areas useful to sports with adequate ventilation and air conditioning.

Installation of indoor football pitches

To carry out a proper installation of an indoor football pitch, it is necessary to have professionals’ assistance in installing football pitches, such as Sport BS. That is why, at en Sport BS, we offer these services, as well as having at your disposal, if required the construction of tennis courts  or the construction of football pitches or paddle tennis courts, among others. We also have the service of installing multisport tracks, golf courses, among other spaces of enjoyment. You can also count on our glass paddle tennis courts’ installation, with the best materials and finishes available on the market. Do not hesitate to consult us about all your doubts about installing indoor football pitches and other services related to the installation, maintenance, manufacture, and management of paddle tennis courts in Cáceres. Install your indoor football field by professionals with high experience in the sports field sector in Madrid, Barcelona, Extremadura, Andalusia, Castilla la Mancha…

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