Construction of paddle tennis courts, paddle tennis court artificial grass, paddle tennis court manufacturingThe construction of paddle tennis courts and the maintenance of sports facilities maintenance of sports facilities are some of our company’s specialties.

We have a staff specialized in the construction of sports facilities, and SportBS has a large number of clients who extend their services to the maintenance and management of sports courts.

Before starting the paddle courts’ construction, we carry out a previous study, we measure the angles, inclination, and length so that the clients have the perfect leveling in the sports facilities. The orientation that is had is perfectly recommendable.

The construction of paddle tennis courts involves choosing smaller structures than its predecessor, tennis, which has become the main attraction of this activity. There is less space to cover, and the game is played quickly and close to the net.

Paddle tennis courts are relatively simple compared to a baseball field, for example, and smaller than tennis courts. Therefore, people often overestimate their construction cost or even make expectations about the complexity of their installation.

Construction advice

As professional paddle tennis court builders, we have various advisors who guide our clients and help them select the the materials for paddle tennis courts construction. According to the discipline to be practiced, we select the flooring type, the alternatives, and the market’s innovations. Among them, glass walls or installing artificial grass.

SportBS also has excellent suppliers of raw materials, which guarantees the variety and durability of the sports facilities, regardless of the type of sport practiced and its needs. Our experience in the manufacture of indoor and outdoor paddle tennis courts and the installation of sports facilities.


When it comes to building paddle tennis courts, Sport BS is one step ahead of other companies of this kind. It adapts to the clients’ immediate needs; they will only see how a sports court is built in record time and planned.

SportBS takes care of everything, from the rubble involved in any construction to thefinal cleaning for the track’s opening. The range of possibilities is so vast that all types of sports tracks can be built according to each sport’s technical specifications.

SportBS also focuses on international standard measurements and funding, even on the access to the track, and the audience watching, if the track is for a defined audience or tournament.

Technical aspects of the construction of paddle tennis courts

Every sport has technical specifications, measurements and elements that must be taken into account; when building artificial turf paddle tennis courts, Sport BS carefully handles all these aspects, which can be very costly if the wrong court is installed. We have an organized and professional team with extensive experience in installing indoor and outdoor paddle tennis courts.

In SportBS we are characterized as a highly committed team that moves towards its finished products’ excellence and efficiency, offering the best prices in the market, respecting technical specifications for each sport.

Also, offering the confidence and ease to make the customer experience at the end is the sponsors’ satisfactions and have an athlete who is delivered 100%.

Other construction services

In addition to the construction of paddle tennis courts, the services provided by Sport BS include sports complexes, schools, parks, community sports courts or central recreational areas of urban complexes, exceptional grounds for kindergartens, and other areas where customized spaces are needed for sports or areas where natural or artificial grass is required.

The international technical specifications for each track are just as important as the selection of materials. Meeting these requirements is very important. Being on a sports court with incorrect measurements can put it out of action for not meeting the established standards, resulting in a waste of time and money for sponsors and their users.

Price of construction of paddle tennis court

The price of building a paddle tennis court will depend on different aspects of the location and the type of paddle tennis court and extras desired.

Are you thinking of building a paddle tennis court? Ask for a free quote to build a paddle tennis court, and we are manufacturers! I’m sure the price will be lower than you think.

Sporting Constructions

Paddle tennis courts, tennis courts, football fields, golf courses...

Installation of Artificial Turf

Swimming pools, terraces, gardens, paddle tennis courts, football fields, golf courses...

Facilities Maintenance

Paddle tennis courts, sports facilities, football fields, golf courses...

Building paddle tennis courts

Construction of paddle tennis courts

When it comes to building paddle tennis courts there is no greater complexity. However, there are several options for the paddle tennis courts’s construction material, from metal tube frames to the eye-catching glass panel courts, all of which are designed to guarantee spectators a comprehensive view of the court, allowing them to enjoy the paddle tennis match.

According to the established standards, the primary and common design when building paddle tennis courts is to respect thepaddle tennis court’s dimensions. Therefore, it is vital to place access doors at both ends, as well as sufficient lighting, especially in the case of the popular indoor paddle tennis courts, since these are courts built in a building or pavilion, where lighting is a crucial element and a priority, as there is no natural light.

When you contact a professional or a company that builds paddle tennis courts, you will find that building a paddle tennis court is more straightforward than expected. In fact, as an anecdote, experts say that their clients end up admiring them because the installation is always faster than anticipated. However, it should be noted that, although the construction of the paddle tennis court does not take much time, it is always recommended that professionals carry out the advice and installation of paddle tennis courts, to ensure total quality and perfection in the construction of the court.

How much does it cost to build a paddle tennis court?

The question always arises about. However, costs vary according to the material used and its quality. As a general rule, it should be noted that indoor paddle tennis courts need artificial lighting, and therefore their cost often increases.

Similarly, outdoor paddle tennis courts require more maintenance; and they are more exposed to the weather conditions. Glass paddle tennis courts are more beautiful. Still they need to use a material that is resistant to the ball’s impact to those present’s safety.

The cost of building the paddle tennis court, although it may seem high to some, is an extremely profitable investment. The so-called paddle world upward trend in Spain, and it moves a lot of money around it, with sponsorships, ticketing, equipment, and other related areas.

In fact, one of the strategic objectives of the Spanish Paddle Tennis Federation for this year is to facilitate the access of fans to the courts to bring the discipline within
reach of more and more people and somehow democratize this sport.

Installation of paddle tennis courts

The installation of paddle tennis courts is more accessible than you might think or believe.

Tennis has remained inserted in the collective imagination as an elite sport. For this reason, some would think that Paddle Tennis is similar to it in this characteristic, but they could not be more wrong.

One reason for this is that the installation of paddle tennis courts courts is not limited to select groups. Nowadays, paddle tennis courts are located in almost any place with a small space for the construction.

It would surprise many to know that only about three hundred square meters are required to install a paddle tennis court; many people live in flats larger than that. For this reason, they have become a recreational alternative within reach of those who do not have access to
private paddle tennis clubs.

Dimensions of the paddle tennis court

The International Padel Federation is the body responsible for legislating this discipline at a professional level. However, there is a standard parameter about the paddle tennis court’s dimensions to which everyone must adhere to; however a few centimeters variations are allo centimeters, especially for access.

The paddle tennis court’s standard dimensions are twenty meters long by ten meters wide, separated in the middle by a net held by two posts that must not be more than nine meters and twenty-five centimeters apart.

The net is made of woven synthetic material and is tied to the posts by a wire rope no more than ten millimeters thick. This structure reduces lateral corridors for conventional tennis, putting pressure on the game around the net.

Sporting Constructions

Paddle tennis courts, tennis courts, football fields, golf courses...

Installation of Artificial Turf

Swimming pools, terraces, gardens, paddle tennis courts, football fields, golf courses...

Facilities Maintenance

Paddle tennis courts, sports facilities, football fields, golf courses...



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