Through this post, we will explain to you how to maintain the paddle courts, thus avoiding their rapid deterioration, because if there is not proper and constant maintenance in these areas, the consequences end up being felt not only in the long term but in the medium and even short term.

Over time, the paddle tennis courts deteriorate, diminishing their characteristics, becoming visually evident. That is why at Sport BS, we are specialist in the maintenance of paddle tennis courts..

To guarantee the paddle courts’ investment, it is vital to carry out adequate and regular maintenance to prolong the paddle court’s lives and thus obtain a more outstanding performance and reduce possible problems due to the lack of it.

We must remember that paddle tennis courts are characterized by keeping the playing surface extremely clean, and also that the level of the surface has a firm texture so that the bounce of the ball is as required or expected by each player.

Another essential aspect in these courts is to take into account the drainage of the paddle court, the water drainage must be kept in good condition while the court is active. And, of course, the paddle court must always be impeccable, so maintenance is vital for the facilities.

Recommendations on how to maintain paddle tennis courts

We show you how to keep your paddle tennis courts in perfect condition, discover some small recommendations to keep your paddle tennis courts always in optimal condition.

1. The surface of the paddle tennis court must always be kept clean: If there are trees around the court, it is crucial that you prevent the leaves and/or flowers from lasting too long on the surface of the court because they decompose quickly, creating a layer that hinders drainage and promotes the appearance of moss on the court.

We recommend using a rake with rubber teeth to remove these and other residues, a wide and soft brush if you do not have the fastest and most suitable means, such as a mechanical leaf sweeper or garden hoover.

How should I sweep up on the paddle tennis court?

One way to prevent the deterioration of the paddle tennis court is undoubtedly the sweeping of the surface. It is vital that the sweeping is regular and quite energetic so that you manage to revive the surface’s appearance and avoid deterioration of the drainage by forming layers of compact sand, which in turn would manage to stimulate the formation of moss.

At Sport BS we recommend that the width of the brush you use is approximately one meter and that the strands are medium-hard. Depending on how often the court is used, the number of times it should be swept will depend, but it is recommended that it is done every fortnight as a general rule.

Removing stains from the paddle tennis court

With use, the paddle tennis court is usually stained, but do not worry because most of the stains are easily removed with a little liquid detergent mixed with hot water.

If there is gum stuck to your rink, just use a freezing spray to make it hard and you can easily remove it, or if not, use an ice cube. Oil stains can be removed with a cloth filled with denatured alcohol.

Rejuvenate your paddle tennis court

This process to rejuvenate the paddle tennis court consists of removing, cleaning, and re-positioning the sand to prevent it from compacting and improving drainage. This activity is carried out between two and three years after installation.

Care of the paddle tennis court

If you have one or more paddle tennis courts, it is necessary to check the paddle tennis courts’ maintenance regularly.

Daily: At the end of a day of intense play, you must ensure that the net is removed and rolled up in the center and that access is properly closed.

Weekly: Remove leaves, flowers, and other waste from the surface of the court.

Fortnightly: Sweep the court to revive the curt’s surface, check the sand levels, and maintain drainage.

Half-yearly: Grease the net roll system, remove stains inside the court, and repair any other damage.

Annual: Treat the rink with fungicides.

These are some of the recommendations on how to maintain the paddle tennis courts. Always remember that, cleaning, sweeping, and inspection of the paddle tennis court frequently.

Good maintenance of the sports facility is essential for flawless operation and conservation.

At Sport BS we specialize in: Changes or replacement of glass in paddle tennis courts, renovation of the grass or sports flooring, installation of covers for outdoor paddle tennis courts, revising the structures, and maintenance.

Do not hesitate to contact us and trust the experts. Improve your quality paddle tennis court at an unbeatable price.

If you have any doubts and need more information, do not hesitate to contact us through our Sport BS website.

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