At SportBS we take care of football pitches’ maintenance, paddle maintenance and tennis courts. We are going to tell you about some maintenance tips for your football pitch.

Soccer field turf maintenance

Regular maintenance should be carried out by the owner or an installation manager with their means and experience for the correct maintenance. These qualities are what identify us at Sport BS Caceres.

It needs frequent watering to leave the soil clean of debris, contamination etc… In summer, it is essential, reducing its temperature and level of abrasion. Place bins to prevent dirt, restrict access, and place elements to clean the boots.

Brushing transversely is the most effective way to keep the fillings adequately distributed. At SportBS in Extremadura, we are dedicated to all these tasks and many more; just contact us on our contact page.

We continue with advice on maintenance of your slopes. The joints and marking lines should be inspected and the most sensitive points of the pitch such as penalty points or the corner kick area, repairing or replacing those in poor condition.


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