Warehouse for sports use, sports facilities, sports warehouseSport BS is a company dedicated to constructing, manufacturing and installing paddle and indoor paddle tennis courts. We differentiate ourselves by providing a quality service and having a specialist team that is not only dedicated to the construction but also the maintenance and management of sports facilities.

The seal of quality is present in every track we recover, build, or simply manage. We want to count on the client’s satisfaction and be able to surpass its expectations since all the clients with whom we work have always seen the best results by all the elaborated works.

Installation of sports courts

The installation of sports courts follows specific patterns to practice paddle tennis. Although it is a relatively new sport, it is one of the most played in pairs in Spain, and every day there are more sports facilities that by mission have a paddle tennis court whether it is indoor or not.

These facilities that we carry out in SportBS have all the updates and the regulation security. Also we work with the best existing materials so that the track’s durability is good and it can be in optimal conditions for all the use that can be given to this court.

Sport BS also concentrates on taking care of the whole wide world that makes up a paddle tennis court, from deciding what type of grass to use to stripes and protective walls, it is a comprehensive service without equal that you can get in contact with our company.

SportBS takes care of every detail of the characteristics that a sports court installation needs, such as dimensions and perimeter, the fences, sidewalls, floors, access to the court, and lighting.


Sport BS is a company that distinguishes itself by the efficiency in the construction of sport courts, because we use high-quality materials that guarantee its durability in the time that allows like resisting impacts, also receiving high use, glass walls reinforced with plastic (using new technology in resistant glasses).

SportBS chooses the best sports flooring; they do the joint closures correctly when they are engaged in sports courts’ construction. We supervise that the manufacturing of the sports courts complies with the established standard.

These supervisions offer all the options present on the market, and which match the decoration of the sports facility in general. You can choose vinyl, resin, parquet flooring, parquet, artificial or natural grass installations, in the manufacture of sports courts. Also, Sport BS is in charge of the maintenance of the sports court.

At SportBS, we also think about all the details and make the best estimate that the client can access, without reducing the paddle tennis court’s quality or the user experience within the sports facility.

Construction and renovation of sports facilities

If you are interested in building a paddle tennis court on a piece of land that needs to be modified, at SportBS, we take care of the studies so that the project can be viable, taking care of the angles, length, and background so that you can have your paddle tennis court.

If any case of the client is different and the paddle court is in bad conditions, Sport Bs is in charge of offering them the best options to recover the sports space, not only to the paddle court but to the whole set, by which there could be a drastic change from the garden to the façade.

The work carried out daily by Sport BS in these fields has done the work we do cover different areas and is an excellent option to choose from, for the recovery or renovation of sports facilities in general, parks or sports complexes. By which you can always evaluate the needs of
recovery or construction and also the maintenance.

Maintenance of the paddle tennis courts

The sports flooring of paddle tennis courts always needs preventive maintenance; this is a normal situation in every construction in every corner of the world because we can not get rid of pollution, small accidents, or improper use of the tracks. You are never exempt from an incident, and maintenance is key to any court.

Sport Bs always uses materials that protect the structure from pollution; there is the possibility that the high traffic causes wear and tear on the materials. Still, the best tools can always be contained to do an excellent job in these facilities, having the best forecasts to leave the best benefits to these tracks.

What other maintenance services does Sport BS offer?

We work with different tools and carry out, for example, the implementation of LED lights, renovation or installation of natural or artificial grass, supervision of the surface condition of the pavement or paddle tennis court, maintenance of outdoor or indoor paddle tennis courts supervision of the structure in general.

We also carry out touch-ups if necessary and provide good all-round maintenance. All this is done with the intention that the end-user enjoys sports facilities with a seal of quality and can play without any restrictions.

Effectiveness of the work carried out

SportBS focuses on practical solutions to provide customers with innovative, high quality, and sustainable products. To do this, depending on the environment where the grass is installed, whether it is soil, concrete, or gravel, we take the necessary precautions to extend the excellent condition of our products for longer and avoid problems with humidity, leaks, bad odors or other inconveniences.

When it comes to installing artificial turf on earthen grounds, our activity starts with preparing the ground, providing a firm and compact surface, including the coloring of a mesh or a weed-proof geo-textile.


This is an essential element when calculating the price of service; it is the quality of the product, and developed activity. That is why we have different paddle tennis courts’ models, depending on the type of structure required. This allows us to quote the lowest prices for you without sacrificing minimum quality standards.

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