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Installation of artificial grass or synthetic padel courts, how much is it to build a padel court, cost to build a padel court, sale of padel courts There are various factors that influence how much to build a padel court, both in terms of construction and business considerations. Naturally, the location and place where the court will be built, the type of padel court (indoor, outdoor), the dimensions, structure, lighting, quality, and type of materials used for the wall and floor, space used, padel court company installing it, etc. are factors that affect the final price to a greater or lesser extent. At SportBS, since we manufacture our own padel courts, we can install them at a competitive price. The use of high-quality materials combined with proper maintenance allows our clients to enjoy highly durable padel courts and very competitive operating costs.

Factors that influence the cost to build a padel court

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As we have mentioned, the cost to build a padel court depends on various factors that can either increase or decrease the final price. The installation cost itself usually varies between 12,000 and 25,000 euros, depending on the materials and other factors that influence the price.

Installation Location

In the case of SportBS, in addition to performing sports constructions in Spain, we also travel to other countries in Europe (Portugal, France…) and America (United States, Argentina…). Although we can offer very competitive international quotes, the cost to build a padel court is affected by transportation expenses of the materials, staff travel, and taxes in the country where the installation will be carried out.

In the case of Spain, although there might be cost differences based on the installation province, it is not significant. Thanks to this, we can offer very attractive installation quotes anywhere in Spain.

Installation Size

Logically, if we want to build a large facility with multiple padel courts in the same location, we can achieve a lower price per court than if we only want to install one court. This is because of the synergies that occur in the transportation of materials and larger-scale construction works.

Type of Flooring

The type and quality of the floor material we will use to build the padel court will influence the cost. Therefore, a cement floor, artificial grass, resin, or porous concrete doesn’t have the same cost. The most recommended and professional is the artificial grass flooring as it poses a lower risk of injury. However, artificial grass tends to be somewhat more expensive as it also requires a flat cement structure that normally needs to be constructed.

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Value of the playing fields

Each padel court requires approximately 200 m2 of space, and this can represent a particularly significant cost in cities where buildable land has a high price. Let’s remember that, depending on the location, rustic land might require special permissions to construct this type of facility. If you don’t have buildable land available, its average cost currently in Spain is about 150-160 €/m2, though it’s common to use less valuable lands for such constructions.

Type of padel court

Obviously, the cost to build a covered padel court is going to be higher than an outdoor court, though its longer lifespan and utilization might allow for higher returns compared to an outdoor court. Indoor padel courts are usually built using large, open-plan pavilions or warehouses.

Wall material

We can find walls made of concrete or glass; glass walls require a metal support structure and, being a more sophisticated structure, are somewhat more expensive. However, they offer many advantages for both players and spectators, making them the most commonly used today.

How much does it cost to build a covered padel court?

Before crunching the numbers on how much to build a covered padel court, it’s essential to understand that the construction cost of a sports pavilion is around 120-200 €/m2. However, there are attractive buying opportunities for already built warehouses. Meanwhile, a cover with a PVC textile membrane is initially more cost-effective than a sports pavilion.


The number and power of the required lighting fixtures will vary based on usage conditions and needs. Installations can have between 4 and 8 halogen 400W lights or 168W LED lights. Depending on how the court is used, savings can be made in this section by using 4 lights instead of 8.

Quality of Materials

Using high-quality materials is crucial to ensure a padel court’s long life and increase the investment’s return. The savings from using low-quality materials won’t make up for the faster wear and tear and the issues they cause. At SportBS, we champion the use of top-quality materials to ensure the durability of the courts and our customers’ complete satisfaction.

Specialized Installing Company

Relying on a company that’s both a manufacturer and a professional installer when building a padel court can lead to savings of several thousands of euros. At SportBS, we have professional installers who are highly productive, which allows us to cut down both time and costs significantly. Furthermore, producing our professional court models enables us to save on expenses. All these advantages allow us to offer better padel court quotes to our clients at economical prices and highly competitive deals.

How much does it cost to build a padel court?

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